Important – updated 5/10/23 
The balance of your reservation will be charged to the card on file 7 days prior to your arrival date (or immediately upon making a reservation if within 7 days), at which point any cancellations will be subject to a 30% fee on the entire reservation amount. No refunds will be issued for late cancellations (those occurring within 3 days of the initial arrival date). Please let us know ASAP if you will not be using your reservation.

Rather than asking guests to endure Josie’s cooking, we encourage our guests to wake up at their leisure and explore the many delicious local restaurants! We also added kitchenettes to each suite.

Our driveway is on the right side of the house. We have limited space in our parking lot, and offer one free parking space per room. Vehicles that are larger than a standard SUV may need to relocate to street or off-site parking. We cannot accommodate any sprinter vans, campers, trailers, or similarly large vehicles. If you have questions about this, please contact us prior to arrival!

Your room will be available beginning at 3pm local time. Guests must be checked out by 11am on the day of their departure.

We relish the opportunity to give parents time to be themselves, so leave the kiddos at home and come rediscover each other!

Your room will not be disturbed during your stay at Lions & Lanterns unless you have specific housekeeping requests. If you’d like a mid-stay-room-refresh just say the word!

We, too, love anything furry with a leg at each corner, and there will be a small cat-dog named Peanut* running around the inn chasing lizards everyday! However, we unfortunately cannot accommodate other pets at this time.

We are exploring the idea of building additional units over the parking area that we would consider as pet-friendly! Stay tuned!

***We kindly ask guests to refrain from picking Peanut up. It seems like he wants it, but he has arthritis and it causes him pain.***

While we would be sad to see you depart early, we do not pro-rate reservations. You will be charged for the entire stay as booked.

We wish!

For the comfort of all, smoking is not allowed on the property. This includes cigarettes, cigars, vaping, e-cigarettes, medical marijuana and other non-tobacco products. In addition, we request that guests do not light candles, or incense. A cleaning fee of $250 will be charged if the room requires additional cleaning due to smoking (this includes medical marijuana).