Our Story

Just a couple of friends who were ready for a new adventure in a town they couldn’t seem to leave.

After three years of sailing around the Bahamas and the Florida Keys, two years touring the country in an RV, and spending most of the COVID pandemic riding dirt bikes off-road from Minnesota to San Diego, Adam and Josie were ready to use their talents to create a stationary place they could be proud of in the world.

Adam is a dynamic and skillful teacher, pilot, and researcher. He keeps the administrative side of the inn running smoothly from exotic places around the globe, where his work takes him as one of the youngest 747 captains in the world.

Josie is an extrovert who loves personal questions and being surrounded by people, laughter, and noise after so many years on the water and roads. She has kept a folder of beautiful spaces since she was a little girl, but being an extreme minimalist, never got to design spaces bigger than a tiny house. Because of this, she cares deeply about Lions and Lanterns, and is inspired and delighted to create remarkable and memorable spaces for others.

Neither Adam nor Josie have ever done anything like Lions and Lanterns before. The inn is a work in progress, but they are always evolving and learning. They love what they are creating – and the town in which they are creating it. 

Adam Schouten


Jocelyn Fastner